15 May 2020

3D Project Step by Step - March Die of the Month - again

Amazing Paper Grace March Die of the Month again.

Because lots of people are up for how I did a mini table I decided to show you this project step by step.

Here you are March DOM. I used only these dies.

You will need 8 of the corner die cuts to make table legs. 
I used gold paper for this.

Use square die to cut one "tabletop". I did it with white paper.
I put two corners widthways of the white square. Secure them to the mat using tape.

Using a knife cut them exactly at the midpoint.

This is how they should look like. Complete all four pair of corners this way.

Put together two pieces of cut corners on cardstock and trace them. 

Use scissors to cut out the shape, background for corners. Make sure you cut a little more than trace to hide the edge of pink background under the gold corners.

This is what you should have.  You’ll need four of these.

Adhere gold corners on cardstock (I used pink this time) end to end.

You should have one tabletop and four legs.

Cut 4 strips (there are white on photo) and score in half.
Adhere white paper to the one panel at the edge (tabletop upside down) and then adhere panels side to side.

Using smaller strips, I attached legs together with the same way.

Here is the previous mini table I did for March DOM Blog.

Embellish outside with circle die and flowers. ENJOY!

Thank you for stopping by.


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