17 February 2020

Mini Album - 3D Vignette with Grand Crested Tower

Hi my Friends,

Becca Feeken from Spellbinders designed beautiful sets 3D Vignette Mini Album Collection.
I present you some inspiration made for Amazing Paper Grace.

This is a Mini Album with my untie's pictures who passed away a month ago.  

 I  used S6-164 Grand Crested Tower to create a shape of this Mini Album. 
The flower is made with S4-1025 Sweet Cottage Flowers.

To decorate pictures I used an oval frame from S4-1027 Double Halo Oval. 


 Here I made an additional card with a pocket.  I used S4-1028 Woven Trellis Side Pocket.

The spine is made with S5-409 Universal Accordion Fold Spine. This die is very useful and easy to use.
The spine is decorated with one of two panels from S4-1031 Decorative Edges and Spines

 I used a ScrapBoys paper - Victorian Home.

Thank you for stopping by!

S5-409 - Universal Accordion Fold Spine is out of stock on Spellbinders site.
You can buy it - here!

12 February 2020

Amazing Paper Grace February Die of the Month Blog Hop

The February Die of the Month is an interactive card, but don't be fooled, the pieces and parts assemble to make lovely normal cards and ensembles.  We all love interactive cards too though and this one is addicting to open.  Becca designed a slightly elegant version of a shutter card that you can dress it up and dress it down to your heart's desire.  Say hello to The Elegant Reveal Shutter Card.

Today we're hopping to give you additional ideas on how to use the dies that come in the set.  There are several gorgeous inlay dies and a nested set of dies that create apertures or create frames.  Just imagine making a box or a basket.  We've even talked about creating a candle or a votive holder!  The dies are perfect for the cover of any card but think about using the reveal sliders on top of a box.  Here's to hoping you find some time to grab the dies and manage to sit down and play.

Here are the dies included in the set:
My Project Today:

Today I`m back with my card made with Amazing Paper Grace February Die of the Month. The size of the card is 6x6 inch. On the front page, I put decorative elements and an oval shape with the sentiment. I glued it to one wing.
Additionally, I used flowers to decorate the top of my card.

Dies are very easy to use and the effect is spectacular. When you open card's wings you can see the hidden sentiment, flowers or whatever you put inside.
I didn't use stamps. Both of my sentiments are printed out. It allows me to simply customise the size of my print.

Supply List:
Stamps: none
Paper: gold paper, "Nice Moments" ScrapAndMe
Ink: none
Accessories: Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month The Elegant Reveal Shutter Card, pearls, Platinum Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

If you want to find out more about the Club - prices, how you sign up and what's included, 
please look --------> HERE.

If you missed the introduction and want to know more about what inspired the Die of the Month Club, 
look ------->HERE.

More inspiration is just a click away.  Stop by with each Creative Team Member to see how they manipulated this die to come up with a unique project for you to try!

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We can’t wait to see what you make with these exclusive dies – be sure to post your creation on the Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month page -------> HERE or on Instagram using the hashtag #AmazingPaperGraceClubKit

22 January 2020

Introducing 3D Vignette Mini-Albums

3D Vignettes were introduced almost 2 years ago and along the journey, our readers have begged us not to abandon the concept but to keep adding on.  As always, your wish is our command!  Introducing 3D Vignette Mini-Albums.   When the first 3D Vignettes came out, we fashioned them into mini albums using the familiar side piece and slots but now we've made it permanent with a Universal Hinge.  Plus we've added a whole collection of dies you can use inside the mini-album including two new shaped card profiles and a new Cinch and Go Cottage Bloom Flower that can be used as a dimensional flower or a flat flower inside the mini-album.  Stay tuned as you see a mini-album from each Creative Team Member and card that highlights one of the dies used in the mini-album.

About 3D-Vignette Mini Albums

When the response to the first 3D Vignette cards turned into mini albums blog hop brought such a positive response, readers asked for more.  Becca designed an easy to fold Universal Hinge that makes it easy to convert your 3D Vignette cards into  Mini Albums.  Staying true to her mix and match budget sensibility, of course, all of the elements of this new collection can be used to make flat cards, can be used with original 3D Vignette designs, and older 3D Vignette dies can be refreshed and used with the mini-albums.

Best of all, if you have ever been too overwhelmed to create a mini-album or a scrapbook page, take heart.  Since your choices are mix and match, we've taken all of the guess work out.  The small format is card-sized which makes it do-able for those of you accustomed to working on a small card size project.  We've made albums that are tiny up to 6 x 6" and 8 x 8.

My project for Today:

First up is S5-408 Grand Vaulted Cabinet Etched Dies 3D Vignette Mini Album Collection by Becca Feeken. S5-409 Universal Accordion Fold Spine is an unmissable die that agrees with any mini album.  This die is so helpful. Making the spine is so easy and quick.

To create this Mini-Album I used a delicate and pastel paper from Loveland Collection from ScrapBoys. For most of the pages I used a gold paper under a cut dies.

I used a 3D Interactive Pivot Banner to make a little surprise for people watching this album. You can put little photographs inside or have the decorative square.

On the last pages I put a Woven Trellis Side Pocket where you can get more photographs.

I used S4-1025 Sweet Cottage Flowers to decorate the first page of my mini album.

Here is what the die I've used in my mini album looks like:

For my project today I made a mini album for Valentine's Day.  There are lots of places where you can put your photos.

In addition, I've made a card using the same die I used in my mini album. I used a Candlewick Squares Dies from Candlewick Classics Collection. Then I have used a new beautiful baskets with flower die. This is a Grateful Thankful Blessed 3D Layering Dies from new Collection. It looks beautiful alone and works perfectly with S5-408 Grand Vaulted Cabinet.


These dies are available right now on the Spellbinders website —–> HERE

In the meantime, be sure you leave a comment on this post and on the post of every Creative Team Member for a chance to win an Amazing Paper Grace Die from any previous collection from Becca's Die of the Month offerings.

There are three dies that are being given away.  One name will be randomly picked from comments left on the combination of our 7 blogs on the Introducing 3D Vignettes Mini-Albums post between January 22 and January 27, 2020, at midnight US Central Time.  We encourage all of our international friends to participate!  The randomly selected names will be announced on the Amazing Paper Grace Blog on January 28th.  (All giveaways for this hop are managed by and the responsibility of Amazing Paper Grace).

Up for grabs is an Amazing Paper Grace die of your choice Becca's Die of the Month.  These dies are typically only available to club members however you can win your choice of any die that has not already sold out.

There will be a total of three dies and a winner can win once among all the blogs.  If your name is selected, simply claim it within 2 weeks of the announcement by sending your address through the form under the Contact Tab on the Amazing Paper Grace Blog.  There won’t be a reply back but if you leave your choice, the dies will be sent out in our next batch. 

The dies will be mailed out from Amazing Paper Grace.  (Please note:  Please be patient, allow 6 to 8 weeks for the delivery of prize winnings.)

Click on the links to each member to be inspired across a broad range of talent:

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Please visit our January Designer of the Month - Gloria Stengel - to see her version of our mini-album at https://gloriascraps.blogspot.com/2020/01/amazing-paper-grace-guest-dt-dreamer.html

Thanks so much for joining us for the 3D Vignettes Mini-Album Hop.  Can you see yourself making a gift card mini-album with four pockets and a gift card in each pocket?  Do you have an idea for your next mini-album?  Share in the comments or let us know which dies have found a way into your heart.