23 July 2019



I'd like to show you my new card.

I took a mint paper and die cut flourish pattern without two outer rims. I did it on both sides of my card - up and down. Beneath this paper, I offset a little the same gold design.

I decorated my card with Foil Flowers Glorious Glimmer.
I used one square plate from Crowned Rimmed Squares Glimmer to decorated one element with gold foil.

I used:

S4-996 - Delicate Tendril Border Etched Dies Vintage Treasures by Becca Feeken 
GLP-127 - Crowned Rimmed Squares Glimmer Hot Foil Plate 
GLP-037 - Foil Flowers Glorious Glimmer Hot Foil Classic Plates by Becca Feeken

Thank you

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